Meet Jessica Iclisoy Founder and President of California Baby

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 I would like to share a story behind these amazing products California Baby. I found this product by chance when my 1son had eczema at six weeks. Like Jessica I would like to get products that are safe for my newborn and soft to his pure skin. Like her too once I became a mom I started to reading labels that related to baby products. I love the fact that this product is so natural using 100% natural and organic cleansing ingredients such as organic soapbark, wild harvested yucca and super gentle glucosides that all come from renewable and sustainable vegan sources. These all-natural vegetable cleansers are non-stripping, sulfate-free, synthetic fragrance free, naturally low foaming and readily biodegradable (that’s the term for extremely and completely biodegradable)

Jessica Iclisoy (Founder and President of California Baby) Grew up in southern California, spent much of free time body surfing the Pacific waves and many summers harvesting vegetables at a family farm. In her early 20s, as a top buyer for a French fashion designer in Beverly Hills, she was constantly on the go, hitting the Paris fashion show circuit. When became pregnant with first child, it didn't occur to slow down. Some say she sped up. She started scrutinizing her lifestyle when she became pregnant with her 1st son. She took it farther than most! With a mission to raise her family in an all-natural, non-toxic environment, she initiated what has become an ongoing endeavor to purify body, home, and way of life. She became a vegetarian, eating only locally grown, organic foods purchased from her local farmer’s market. She stocked up on organic cloth diapers for her newborn and devoted herself to breastfeeding. She started gardening and composting. And for the first time in her life, she began scrutinizing labels. Unable to decipher some of the ingredients in the baby shampoo she purchased from a local health food store, she consulted a chemical dictionary at the library and found that many of the cleansing agents and synthetic fragrances listed were not only harsh on the skin, but suspected carcinogens.

This is where the story of California Baby® begins. 
Determined to come up with a gentle, safe baby wash, she began cold-calling chemists. For the next few years, her kitchen became the lab. She experimented with organic herbs and plants, essential oils, waxes, and powders until she discovered a key ingredient: Decyl Polyglucose, a gentle, biodegradable cleansing and bubbling agent derived from renewable and biodegradable plant sources. Here was an effective, organic replacement for the damaging cleansers found in the so-called “natural” brands at the time. My blends contained no harsh or harmful ingredients, no synthetics, no common allergens, and no pesticides. Scented solely with aromatherapy quality essential oils to promote baby wellness – a concept she pioneered in the baby products sector – she knew she was onto something good.

By the time second son was born, had turned her kitchen experiments into a thriving business. Introduced in 1995 with a single hit product – Calming Shampoo & Bodywash – California Baby® now encompasses over 50 pediatrician and dermatologist recommended products that span hair care, diaper care, non-chemical suncare, bath fun, wellness, and more. Celebrity moms such as Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Katie Holmes, and Courtney Cox, to name a few, are fans of the brand, which has earned cult status in such trendy Asian countries as South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

As a mother of two, completely relate to the anxiety that accompanies the steady stream of toxic and environmental crises in the news -- phthalates in fragrances and sippy cups, arsenic in talcum powder, pharmaceuticals in our water. That is why she've been committed to sustainable business practices from the get-go, using sustainable and biodegradable ingredients and recyclable packaging for our products. Eager to take green to the extreme, California Baby® is converting all aspects of business and manufacturing processes to earth-first, zero waste, solar power and recyclable systems.

She are proud that California Baby® is the only complete natural baby line to make the jump from a niche market to a nationally recognized brand that is sold in top retail stores like Whole Foods, Babies R’ Us and Target. Believe that her mission extends far beyond creating products that are safe for children and healthy for the environment. She and husband strive to educate and enlighten parents to the simple principles of natural living, adhering always to our founding philosophy: what’s good for the environment is good for families.


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