Water and Sanitation One of the most urgent needs in the developing world today

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Thanks to your support, children like Daniel have access to safe drinking water!

You can provide access to clean water and sanitation for children in poverty, too

In 2019 , Ozbabybargain has donated so far $1290 from 1 Jan - 30th Apr 2019.

From May 2019 - Oct 2019, Ozbabybargain has donated another $1050.

Every day 2000 children die from waterborne diseases that are easily preventable.

With the help of our supporters, Compassion is working to change this by providing access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education for Compassion assisted children, their families and communities. The impact of safe water solutions is invaluable: it reduces disease and death, and promotes healthier lives which can improve economic and educational outcomes.

These solutions could be in the form of:

  • Water filters
  • Wells and water tanks
  • Toilets and showers
  • Hand washing stations

Access to safe water is one of the most urgent needs in the developing world today, and together, we are giving families and communities hope and practical solutions.

Why Water and Sanitation is so important


2.4 BILLION PEOPLE still lack access to adequate sanitation like toilet and sewage systems

502,000 CHILDREN

502,000 PEOPLE die every year from diarrhoea caused by unclean water and poor sanitation

443 million school days

AN ESTIMATED 443 MILLION SCHOOL DAYSare lost each year due to water-related illness

6 kilometres

The average distance women in developing countries walk to collect water each day is AROUND 6 KILOMETRES


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