There are many stainless steel water bottles on the market, and we hand select and sell the best. Newly revamped for summer 2014, we believe the new  ecococoon water bottle has outdone them all, and it's all in the lid.

This leak-proof & spill-proof cocooncap ™ is unique in design. Once you screw the cover off (pictured right), there are no moving parts. There's no moving parts to lift up to open/close. Water simply flows freely as you suck through it (and does so with ease). When you've finished drinking, just put it down. No need to close it either! There's no straws to clean either.

You can knock it over, turn it upside down and do a little 'shake dance' and nothing comes out. We just love it!! On top of the best lid on the market, the artwork is just stunning and this water bottle is double wall vacuum insulated to keep your drink cold for hours.

Ecococoon story :

Brisbane Mum, Libby Versace, was motivated to create a range of stainless steel cups after learning the health concerns over bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic chemical widely used in the manufacturing of plastic cups and drink bottles.

Libby said, “When I heard about possible health effects from using plastic drinkware, I sought out alternatives for my kids and recalled the anodized aluminium cups of my own childhood which are no longer manufactured”.

Libby was then inspired to create her own range of products which utilise retro design and the safety of stainless steel. “Our cups are the first in the world to use non-toxic paint and illustration. I wanted the safety and durability of stainless steel but also wanted a product that was fun for everyone”.

Ecococoon was launched in July 2009. Libby’s original goal was to produce a stainless steel bottle like no other. “I was tired of buying pretty bottles that leaked and fell short on performance. I wanted a bottle that did not sit in the cupboard with the dozens of others I had tried. My aim was to have a bottle that did not require twisting with fingers to open or close, pulling on teeth, germ laden straws and a bottle that kept water cold all day. The most important feature was to have a leak free bottle when placed in school bags, handbags, lounges etc. “

After 2 very long years of determination, patience and design, “the cocoon™” was launched in October 2011. “It was worth the energy and time that my team dedicated to ensuring we had a superior quality and high performance bottle. We achieved all of the desired features and are really proud of our cocoon bottles.”


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