LunchBots are a healthy alternative to plastic containers for packing lunch to go. Made from the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel, LunchBots are completely BPA free and 100% reusable and will last a lifetime.  The Lunchbots come in 4 great sizes, with funky coloured lids which are powder coated with a non-VOC finish.

How it all started :

 Health food needs healthy containers

Jacqueline Linder the founder  developed a habit of packing her meals and snacks to go so that she always had healthy food on hand. After her kids were born, rather than get stuck at a drive thru, she started packing food for them too. They grew older, started school, and, you guessed it…more food packing!

As the news emerged about the chemicals in plastic leaching into our food, she went on a search for alternatives—healthy food needs healthy containers. She was also concerned about the environmental impact of plastic. Millions of plastic sandwich and snack baggies are piling up in our landfills every year.

As much as she loves glass, it wasn’t practical for packing food to go. It breaks, it’s heavy, and you certainly can’t send it to school. Stainless steel was the perfect material, but she couldn’t find stainless steel food containers anywhere—not online, not in restaurant supply stores, not in kitchen gadget stores. After a year or so of searching and not finding what she needed, she built it.

In 2008, she launched LunchBots from the garage of her home in Palo Alto, California. Prior to LunchBots, she worked at Apple creating some superb products. With LunchBots, she has the opportunity to combine her passion for healthy living with her love of creating innovative products

LunchBots is a family-owned business and our mission is simple: to provide the highest quality, best-looking, healthiest food containers on the planet.