2017 Donation to Compassion Australia

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The Chilli Farm

A vocational class at a child development centre in Indonesia has given Compassion assisted children the opportunity to learn farming skills by planting chilli in a field. Like the best chilli, the idea was too hot to contain, and it has spread beyond the class and into the community.

For the month of Jan-Mar 2017, Ozbabybargain has donated $225 to the income generation project. Thank you everyone for your support!

Income Generation

Empower young people and their families to be economically self-supporting.

Three billion people live on less than US$2.50 per day (World Bank).

The opportunity to learn a skill or understand how to run a business is an important key to breaking the cycle of poverty. However income generating activities are not just about providing finance for a family. They are about empowerment—teaching a young adult that they can use their God-given skills to plan for their future. It is coming alongside a family and teaching them to break the cycle of poverty for the following generations.

Through generous supporters, Compassion intervenes on several fronts:

  • Providing business and finance training opportunities for caregivers and young people
  • Identifying caregivers who would most benefit from income-generation help
  • Facilitating income generating workshops such as credit management, basic business and accounting
  • Linking caregivers with other micro-enterprise credit institutions

You can support young people and their caregivers to be empowered through income generation training and equipped with important skills for life.

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