Munchkin Stroller Organiser

$24.99 $29.99

You save: 16%

Get everything you need ready-to-go.

You never want to be without your essentials when you go on an outing. Munchkin attractive and smartly designed stroller organizer has roomy pouches and pockets and holders in all the right places. And the sturdy mesh construction keeps everything snug and secure through hill and dale. There are even neoprene pockets to hold 2 large bottles or cups and help keep drinks cool. The Munchkin Stroller Organizer is a great way to get set to set out.


  • Sturdy, mesh construction keeps essentials secure
  • Adjustable straps easily fit most strollers
  • Durable neoprene pockets hold 2 cups or bottles
  • Ships in assorted colors
Munchkin Stroller Organiser
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  • Munchkin Stroller Organiser
  • Munchkin Stroller Organiser
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