LunchBots Classic Trio Stainless Steel

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 LunchBots Trio Stainless Steel Food Containers feature three compartments for balanced snacks: grapes, cheese and crackers; sushi, edamame and carrots; pasta, chicken and cherry tomatoes—the combinations are endless! Whatever you pack, LunchBots make meals more appetizing, helping ensure your food containers return home empty.


  • Modern shape and three compartments hold a balanced lunch
  • Only food grade stainless steel comes into contact with your food. No linings. No toxins.
  • Made of the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel, easy-to-clean, and virtually unbreakable.
  • Refill your LunchBots over and over, save money and add zero waste to landfills.
  • Trio food containers are best for dry foods as lids are not water tight.


Stainless Steel finish on top of lid


6" x 5" x 1.75"


20 fl. oz./600 ml


9.6 oz.


Highest quality 18/8 stainless steel


To clean, simply handwash the red lid and place the base in the dishwasher.


The LunchBots Trio stainless steel food container is a 3 section storage unit that artfully presents any meal. Environmentally friendly and BPA free, it’s the smart lunch container choice for your family’s health, and the health of the planet. This 3 compartment food container is just right for balanced snacks such as grapes, cheese and crackers; or sliced lean meats, pasta salad and cherry tomatoes. Our bright and cheery stainless steel bento box is of course right at home with sushi or sashimi, edamame and Japanese pickles. As a snack container, the LunchBots Trio is hard to beat. The separate sections will give you endless possibilities for food combo choices, while keeping everything nice and neat. Try nuts, raisins and carrot spears; or broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes and a festive rice cracker mix. They make a wonderful container for different kinds of sliced fruits, berries and cheese. These eco friendly lunchboxes will make anything you pack more appetizing—they’re sure to return home empty.


LunchBots Classic Trio Stainless Steel
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  • LunchBots Classic Trio Stainless Steel
  • LunchBots Classic Trio Stainless Steel
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