LunchBots Quad Classic Stainless Steel

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With four compartments, LunchBots Quad Stainless Steel Food Containers deliver variety: nuts, grapes, cheese and pretzels; apple wedges, pasta, broccoli and meatballs; olives, cucumber slices, berries and sandwich quarters. Whatever the menu, LunchBots make meals more appetizing, helping ensure your food containers return home empty.


  • Modern shape and one compartment holds many lunch options
  • Only food grade stainless steel comes into contact with your food. No linings. No toxins.
  • Made of the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel, easy-to-clean, and virtually unbreakable.
  • Refill your LunchBots over and over, save money and add zero waste to landfills.
  • Quad food containers are best for dry foods as lids are not water tight.


 Stainless Steel finish on top of lid


6" x 5" x 1.75"



20 fl. oz./600 ml


9.6 oz.


Highest quality 18/8 stainless steel


To clean your Quad, simply handwash the green lid and place the base in the dishwasher.


The 4 section LunchBots Quad stainless steel lunch container gives you lots of variety: nuts, grapes, cheese and crackers; or tea sandwiches, cucumber slices, olives and chips. Create an authentic Japanese meal of sashimi, maki rolls, seaweed salad and pickles. Take it on the road with you in this delightful bento lunch container. Whatever your imagination cooks up, our environmentally friendly, divided lunch container makes everything appetizing and fun. And since it’s made from high quality stainless steel, it’s BPA free and without the toxic additives that are often found in plastics. Packing up meals and snacks couldn’t be easier with our LunchBots quad containers. It’s the 4 compartment solution for keeping your snacks separated and neat, and artfully arranged in a single eco friendly container. Prepare nutritious food for your family in this healthy and colorful stainless bento box. Your finicky eater will enjoy your appetizing creations in this lunchbox alternative, ensuring that this LunchBots returns home empty.

Available 28 May 2013


LunchBots Quad Classic Stainless Steel
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  • LunchBots Quad Classic Stainless Steel
  • LunchBots Quad Classic Stainless Steel
  • LunchBots Quad Classic Stainless Steel
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