BOON Special Offer

If you spend more than $50 on Boon products you will get one bender/ modware spoon free of charge. 

Oz baby bargain is an authorised reseller of Boon.

Boon create cunningly clever and fun baby products. Every Boon baby product create provides a solution to some of the more tricky aspects of raising a child, while disguising it as something fun for baby. You know when you’re drying baby’s teats, bottles, spoons and other bits and the ridges on the sink draining area mean you can’t leave them standing? Boon took their cue from nature and designed an air drying tray resembling grass you can stand upturned bottles in, rest teats in and dry anything else that’s awkwardly shaped. Clever, eh?

Boon also have throw, push and drop proof bowls that stick to the table to keep your walls, floors and clothes baby food free. Plates that double as Frisbees for when you’re at the park, snack balls that are also toys and a spoon that you can fill with baby food and squirt on to the spoon to keep baby interested are just a few more clever, elegant and fun Boon ideas. 


Please email us at if you are interested in any boon products and can't find in this website. We will respond in 48 hours.