Philips Avent

Philips AVENT is a leader in parenting and baby products. The Philips AVENT baby product range includes Avent breast pump, Avent BPA Free baby bottles, Avent BPA Free baby accessories, Avent newborn gifts, and Avent baby monitor. 

Since 1984 Avent has been listening to parents, researching and creating baby products to provide a full, innovative and safe product range for your baby with the backing of a trusted and established brand. Avent is one of the largest and longest running companies in the baby market with more parents choosing Avent than any other baby bottle brand. 

Avent was the first to create the popular shape of teats that almost all mums and babies use today. Avent were also the first to introduce silicon as the material for the teat, making feeding more comfortable and more like breastfeeding. They have remained one of the most innovative and creative baby companies in the world, constantly striving to provide safer and more intelligent products for you and your baby.