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$242.37 were collected from the sales of Jun and Jul 2013. Thanks for all the support and your shopping. Give a lilttle to make a Big difference. The money will be deposited into CamKids bank account tomorrow and CamKids have been notified.

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A friend sent this article to me and my husband recently re: Life in a Cambodian rubbish dump.  Our hearts are breaking after we read the article and saw all the photos. Like the writer said what he saw was "from another world", but that the people are happy.

With 34 per cent of the total population in Cambodia living on less than $1 a day, those in the dumps, at least they can find food and shelter. They earn about 35 cents per day for 14 hours' work. They are nomads. They move from dump to dump when the one they're at is full, normally every four years or so. Their whole life they are living in the dumps; they just move from one to another.

They are normal people. Most of the little children are aged between three and 15 and they are always smiling - that was what shocked the most. As quoted in the article : One day a little boy carrying a bag of blood asked me why the people in my country never smile. I didn’t know what to answer. While he looked at the blood he was carrying as a treasure to eat, he explained to me 'I smile all the time, I’m lucky. Today I’m going to eat this and tomorrow I will see the sun again'.

It is true isn't it .. when you have everything you tend to take things for granted and hard to feel contented. Whereas when you have nothing a small little thing like one banana found in the rubbish dump make the people/kids there feel very lucky!

Blessed are those who have contented hearts.

For the month of Jun and Jul, Ozbabybargain is going to give 1Percent of sales to Cambodia Children - UK registered charity, set up to help some of Cambodia’s poorest children and give them the means for a healthy and happy future.

The money collected will be reported in the website and Facebook at the end of Jul.


Be blessed and be a blessing to others in need.


Angela Daud



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