Mom's Bottle feeding tips

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Bottle Feeding

  • Try to choose a bottle and nipple that mimics mom's breast. This will help with the transition from breast to bottle feeding.
  • Most parents buy between 8-10 bottles if they are bottle feeding
  • You can use silicone or latex nipples. Silicone is clear and odourless and will last longer. Where as latex nipples have a distinct smell and taste and don't last as long.
  • Choose a slow-flow nipple for newborns, but have a medium flow ready just in case your baby wants to feed faster.
  • Look for an anti colic nipple or bottle to help reduce the risk of colic. When your baby sucks it naturally causes a vacuum in the bottle, so a good anti colic system will vent the bottle and allow your baby to feed continuously and effortlessly.
  • Make sure you buy a bottle brush to clean the bottles and nipples thoroughly before you sterilize.
  • If you are transitioning from breast to bottle, try to get your partner, family or a friend to give the first bottle feed. A baby is very sensitive to smell and they might smell your breast milk which may confuse them.
  • Relax and take your time when feeding, allow for “pit stops” for you and your baby.
  • Don't rush or force feed your baby, they need to go at their own pace.
  • During these “pit stops” gently rub your baby's back to stimulate burping.

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